Indigenous Connections: Life in the Village of San Bernardo, Ecuador

I traveled to the indigenous village of San Bernardo in the central highlands of Ecuador in 2008. My approach to photography partnered with the fact that my brother John had been living in the village for the past two years as a Peace Corps volunteer, gave me unique and intimate access to this community. The majority of people in the valley are subsistence farmers, dependent on small plots of land for their livelihood. Life is difficult and homes, livestock and crops literally cling to the steep green slopes of the surrounding mountains. In spite of these hardships, I am inspired by the joyful spirit of this community – a spirit that is fed by a deep devotion to family, faith and an intimate connection to the land.

A portion of all proceeds from image sales will be donated to El Proyecto Inti Ñan, a non-profit that provides lunch and supplemental educational activities to children in San Bernardo. El Proyecto Inti Ñan is supported by Kindernothilfe, one of the largest children’s aid organizations based in Europe. Please inquire for more information.

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